Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are Libertarians Anarchists?

Libertarians believe that a smaller, efficient government best serves our city, county, state and our nation.

Libertarians seek to reduce government to a size necessary to efficiently support its constitutional responsibility and get rid of unnecessary programs and agencies. Libertarians support balancing the budgets at all levels of government by cutting expenditures, and not by raising taxes.

As government debt, unfunded obligations, and unnecessary spending are eliminated, the generated savings must be returned to the people of Texas in the form of lower taxes.

Libertarians want government limited to it's primary functions: to protect your freedom and your constitutional rights of Life, Liberty, and Property -- all crucial rights for building a free and prosperous society.

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  1. Like this post. Would like to expand just a bit.

    One of the key concepts here is Limited Government, not just small. Government intrusion into areas where it doesn't belong is not acceptable no matter how small and efficient the intrusion is.

    Other thing to remember is that if the government, with your tax dollars, pay some private company to do a function that is still part of the government. As long as your tax dollars pay for it, it's government. There are times when that is the smart thing for a government to do. We just have to remember it's still government and needs the same level of oversight and responsibility we demand from any government agency or function.

    Again, good post.