Friday, October 29, 2010


In the past month or so, as I have been reading the comments in the on-line version of the Standard Times, I have noticed an unusual amount of libertarian thought being expressed by people who are both Democrats and Republicans. Many have expressed a desire to vote for the Libertarian candidate Kathie Glass for Governor. Unfortunately, these expressions are usually followed by "but I would be wasting my vote," or "a vote for Kathie Glass is a vote for Bill White."

I feel that Texas needs a new governor. Unfortunately for us all, the Republicans would only put up two political class participants for the run, and then they held their noses and voted to run the Emperor again. While the ‘Tea Party’ force is strong in this state, even they were not able to put up a viable fight against Perry. The Democrats, having a prime opportunity to make hay by moving towards the center, picked a left-leaning, sanctuary city loving statist with Clinton baggage (endorsed by the Standard Times) to oppose Perry. Now, they expect us to choose between those two.

Kathie Glass is a better choice. We will not only be making a statement to the political class, we could be giving Texas a governor that does not want to rule Texas, but to lead Texas through these tough times. Kathie Glass will look not to massive government and regulation to “stimulate” us into bankruptcy, but will start to get government out of our way so we ourselves can stimulate the economy.

If you go to the polls, and hold your nose and vote for your "party," you are telling the political class in this state that it's "business as usual." We poor "chattering class" of people would be stating with our votes that we do not have the power to affect change in the political system.

I hope that the people who are as fed up as I am with BOTH political parties would join me in throwing away our votes for Kathie Glass for Governor.


  1. Already Voted for mostly libertarians. You only waste your vote if it's not for the candidate you want to win.

  2. I'd be willing to bet that, if everyone who thought "I'd like to vote for the Libertarian, but it would just give the Democrat a better chance" voted Libertarian, we'd get quite a few in office.

    It's a shame, really. We'll have to see if the percentages came up this cycle.