Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Not About Left and Right

What, exactly, is a conservative Democrat in this congress? They've voted, in masse, for every far-left liberal hair-brained scheme of every liberal wet dream for two years, and spend over a Trillion dollars over what they brought in. That's not "conservative" in any way.

This isn't about "left" and "right," as much as the press and current administration want everyone thinking it is. It's the "statists" (big govenment, higher spending/taxes) and "libertarians" (little "L", small government, lower spending/taxes) that are duking it out. And the statists, both Democrat and Republican, are getting their rear ends handed to them. That's what is going on this election.

The current Democrat Party has swung so far left in the past four years that even it doesn't recognize itself, let alone the Republican party. The fringe far-left is in charge of the Democrats.

Some in the Republican party have been trying to pull it to the left as well (Mr. Bush, Mr. McCain). But the Republican base, largely conservative, is beginning to fight back.

The people in "flyover country" are still "middle-right/slightly libertarian", where they have always been, and their wishes are being completely ignored by the political elite.

Now they're fed up.


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  1. Isn't this less about left vs. right or Democrat vs. Republican than it's freedom vs. control?